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Meet Taisei, a veteran Japanese player who wants to win Evo for his single mom

(L) Chikurin, (M) Taisei, (R) GenHailing from Fukuoka, Japan; Taisei enters the Evo 2017 tournament taking place in Las Vegas this weekend. A veteran figure in the Japanese Tekken scene, Taisei has made a strong name for himself during his Tekken years for consistently staying at the very high end ranks during the years of Tekken 6, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and now Tekken 7. For the first time in his Tekken career, Taisei will finally make his way overseas to compete on the world stage for Tekken and hopefully leave his mark on the world. Get to know the Japanese Tekken player Taisei personally through the newly published MASTERCUP Interview feature with him:

MASTERCUP Evo 2017 Taisei Interview ≫

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Team Spiritzero Interview with Echo Fox's JDCR & Saint

Last month, Team Spiritzero got the chance to sit down with Echo Fox's Tekken players JDCR and Saint for a really long interview detailling many topics. Since it was Korean interview though, most people may have missed out on tuning in and listening to what JDCR and Saint had to say but thanks to Genericremix on reddit, he tooks the time to translate and transcribe the entire interview into an online document you can read. This is really extensive work with the interview time going over 3 hours so major thanks goes out to that guy for the great job. Added below here is a small snippet about JDCR's Tekken character choices and the twitch archive but feel free to read the entire interview over here:

JDCR/Saint Interview Document ≫

Genericremix's r/kappa thread ≫

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Tekken 7 Developer Q&A Video: Character Development

Make sure you put the subtitles on when you watch the video this time. Tekken 7 Developer Q&A video #2 is up and this one has Katsuhiro Harada and Michael Murray discuss what goes into Tekken 7's character development. They go over the several factors that contribute to creating new fighters such as what goals they plan to achieve with the character, what kind of character they should be whether it is a newbie friendly or complex character and the compatibility of the fighting style within the game. An interesting thought piece if you were curious on what were some of the brainstorming that went into designing some of your favorite characters. You can check out the Developer Q&A video below.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe ≫

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Tekken 7 Developer Q&A Video: Tournament Mode

Tekken Project leads Katsuhiro Harada & Michael Murray discuss Tekken 7's Online Tournament Mode in a new Developer Q&A video. They both discuss the new mode and what it means for players online; particularly the not so hardcore Tekken fans that grind Ranked Mode or have gone out to enter the tournaments. This new mode will hopefully give newcomers a small dip into the competitive Tekken scene in a tournament format. This Q&A video is part of a small ongoing Q&A video series so be on the look out for more in the future. Video courtesy of Bandai Namco Europe.

Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe ≫

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IGN Video Interview with Japanese Pro Tekken Player Nobi

Famed Tekken Instructor Nobi recently got interviewed by the IGN crew during their visit to the Namco Sugamo arcade in Tokyo, Japan. The video interview to come from this gives us a more close and personal look as to how Nobi got into the Tekken series and how he managed to eventually turn it into a career by getting employed by the arcade to teach players the ropes in Tekken. Nowadays Nobi can still be found giving new players Tekken lectures alongside his fellow Yamasa sponsored Tekken players; Yuu and Take. You can catch Nobi streaming various games with Yuu over on their gaming Twitch channel.

IGN Video interview ≫

Nobi's Twitter ≫

Yuu & Nobi's Twitch Channel ≫

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